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Climate (Single)


Rylos Music

Another release that rightly feels the urge to address the current environmental issues that are constantly in the media right now. The band in question is Rylos who hail from Helsinki in Finland and their new single, appropriately titled, ‘Climate’ is a rather catchy affair. With its sound crossing borders between alternative rock and hard rock, ‘Climate’ introduces itself via tumbling drums, buzzing guitars and near-operatic vocals, before taking a moment to catch its breath and then continue its journey with a hard-hitting message to basically take care of this planet. ‘Climate’ was recorded at Astia Studio with Anssi Kippo in early January 2020, and it’s recorded completely using analogue recording technology. With the band adding to the mix new bassist, Riina Suikkanen, it looks like 2020 is going to be a serious year for Rylos judging by the energy and addictive qualities of latest single ‘Climate’ that combines its efforts equally between being a compelling tune and one with a conscience.

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