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Cockroach Run Vol. 8

Various Artists

Koko Mojo

More dancefloor movers and another edition to the current series that features blues, rhythm and blues and rock ‘n’ roll with this being ‘Cockroach Run’. Consisting of a hefty twenty-eight tracks, the time soon flies under a series of scintillating tracks. Where this particular volume differs, however, from previous editions are the less predictable themes on offer, which is something to be praised because there’s humour afoot here, not to mention much reflection on life’s hardships. Whether it’s something a little exotic you’re seeking, then look no further than ‘Rockin’ In The Jungle’ supplied by Wailin Bethea & The Captains, to the nudge and wink conversation of ‘Topless’, before arriving at the downright bonkers and highly appealing ‘Nightmares’. There’s not a dull moment to be had during ‘Cockroach Run’ with The Jolly Jax Trio reinforcing such a point with their energetic ‘Everything Is A-Okay’, and then Joe McCoy & His Real McCoys really driving this message home with a wry sense of humour that sees everything from flying saucers crashing into planes and his partner changing her name! It makes for compelling listening and really deserves to be heard from start to finish as ‘Cockroach Run’ is a thrilling and unpredictable ride of emotions and sounds that just about manages to stay encompassed in its rockin’ rhythm and blues shell.

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