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Combination Boogie

Various Artists

Koko Mojo

Just as its title suggests, the tracks complied for this latest instalment in the Koko Mojo series consisting primarily of blues and old-fashioned rhythm and blues (the way it should be) is a combination of these two genres that do their upmost to maintain a rockin’ beat throughout. As with previous titles, the names littered here will be familiar to many (Arthur Crudup, Little Junior Parker, Big Al Downing, Bo Diddley et al) but there are many that will be less familiar (Alonzo Scales, Billy Boy, J. B. Lenoir et al). With any such lists being subjective to individual knowledge of course, the long list of artists given airtime during ‘Combination Boogie’ is a delight to behold. Kicking off with what sounds ramshackle at first yet develops into a full-blown gallop of rockin’ blues complete with harmonica is an early shot of medicine supplied by Doctor Ross and ‘Cat Squirrel’. Maintaining this lively start is the excellent ‘Goin’ Back Home’ by Cousin Leroy that is packed with details and suggests numerous paths this song could suddenly take off in such is the musicianship at the centre of this record. At other junctures you will find Silas Hogan giving a straight rendition (and one aided by the harmonica) with ‘Lonesome La La’, and then greeted by full band versions of Jimmy McCracklin ‘Gonna Tell Your Mother’ and Tender Slim ‘Don’t Cut Out On Me’. The combined blues and rhythm and blues, and not forgetting the dash of rock ‘n’ roll supplied on various occasions, ‘Combination Boogie’ is yet another reason to reach for this compilation series because once more it’s of the highest standard.

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