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Cuttin’ With Joe Tex (EP)

Joe Tex

Koko Mojo

According to the liner notes rhythm and blues artist Joe Tex did not find success with his music until the year 1964. All prior attempts to make a breakthrough in the charts during the 1950s was greeted with a muted response apart from those who really appreciated the man’s singing and performing talents; most notably James Brown who, according to many people during the artists period at King Records, pilfered various dance manoeuvres including the microphone tricks, in addition to the “rapping” over the music from Joe Tex. Not to be hard done by though, Joe Tex persevered with his music by extending his talents to the song writing department as well as continuing his own path to break the charts. With four songs selected for this vinyl release, listeners can appreciate the impassioned vocal performances of the likes of ‘Davy, You Upset My Home’ and ‘Cut It Out’ where there is humour to be found in the former track yet jealousy has a habit of plaguing both songs. The tables are turned once ‘Open The Door’ makes its entrance with Joe Tex pleading for a second chance with vocals that can best be described on a par with the heat emanating from a blowtorch with both Little Richard and Jackie Wilson adding to the pressure. The influence of Little Richard can be heard during the closing ‘You Little Babyfaced Thing’ not only in Joe Tex’s voice, but also the pumpin’ piano and brass of this great rock ‘n’ roll number. Thankfully, Joe Tex managed to find success because it would have been a great injustice if the hits had eluded him judging by the quality on display here.

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