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Elvis Stole My Job

Various Artists

Koko Mojo

For those who thought Elvis Presley came first when considering the genre of rock ‘n’ roll, then you would be mistaken. Fresh from the vaults of Koko Mojo is the album ‘Elvis Stole My Job’. The idea behind this latest collection of artists from blues and rhythm and blues backgrounds, is to highlight the important roles and influences these artists had when it came to the King of rock ‘n’ roll. Largely taking inspiration from musicians Elvis held much admiration and respect for such as Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup, Roy Brown, Lloyd Price and Clyde McPhatter by imitating their styles whether vocally or physically when it came to his live persona. At the helm of this new album is Little Victor (aka The Mojo Man) who compiled all tracks, in addition to writing the liner notes for ‘Elvis Stole My Job’. The selection of songs earmarks the greatness that came before Elvis with, leading the way, the formerly mentioned Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup and ‘My Baby Left Me’, to rhythm and blues of Wynonie Harris ‘Good Rockin’ Tonight’. To Elvis’s credit and the writers involved in terms of his recorded output, it wasn’t simply a question of repeating identical versions because history shows that was never the case, but the King certainly added much to these former records, in addition to raising the profiles of these black musicians to wider audiences, especially those of white ethnicity. With this album being concerned with music and not politics, the choices selected are top level with, by now, more familiar names and tracks featured such as Smiley Lewis and ‘One Night’, The Orioles ‘Crying In The Chapel’, Jackie Wilson (‘Right Now’) and Otis Blackwell (‘Make Ready For Love’). What stands out, however, and mentioned by The Mojo Man, is the fact that several of these songs are less familiar when it comes to similar compilations. Therefore, ‘Elvis Stole My Job’ also includes artists with no direct connections to the King yet their resemblance to the artist is clear. With Elvis revealing influences ranging from rhythm and blues to doo wop and ballads such as those by key influence on his career, Roy Hamilton, featured here with the song ‘Don’t Let Go’, the music and inspirations fuelling Elvis Presley were definitely not blinkered choices. Great album and selection of artists where Elvis was guilty of stealing the limelight, but not without confessing his love and admiration that created a wider platform in terms of recognition of these former great artists.

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