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Fighting Fire With Gasoline

The Kokomo Kings

Rhythm Bomb

Fighting fire with fire, or in this instance gasoline, is all in a day’s work if you’re The Kokomo Kings. Made up of a contingent of Swedish and Danish musicians, The Kokomo Kings has been delivering its raw authentic blues sound for a few years now. Having established a healthy fanbase throughout Europe after several years performing at numerous bars and clubs on the rockin’ circuit, The Kokomo Kings make a fresh return with album number three ‘Fighting Fire With Gasoline’. With the band now consisting of members Ronni Busack-Boysen (guitar/maracas), Daniel Winerö (drums), Martin Abrahamsson (vocals/guitar) and Magnus Lanshammar (bass/guitar), having seen the departure of founding member Harmonica Sam, The Kokomo Kings has certainly not discarded its winning formula of raw energised blues. With all songs written by Magnus Lanshammar who has a way with words with interesting alternatives to the male – female dynamics of relationships by providing considerable thought via the likes of ‘Tied To The Tracks’ where the male central figure is at the mercy of his beloved sweetheart, or simply out of luck during ‘The Fish Won’t Bite’ and ‘The Rich Man’s Pocket’. The song writing also knows when to have fun such as ‘A Big Pile of Fish’, which bathes in a shimmering blues boogie and something The Rolling Stones would be proud to claim as their own composition such are the similarities. But with the album kicking off on a more familiar raw and rockin’ blues note – ‘The More I Get, The More I Want’ – that states its intentions judging by the forcefulness of its rhythm, The Kokomo Kings weave a heady spell here that continues in similar vein via ‘Tornadohead’ and ‘I Thought I Was A Patient Man’. In fact, it’s this last track referenced here that gives way to the pensive nature of the majority of the lyrics that is worrying about its present as well as its future, and this is something that sets The Kokomo Kings apart from its rivals by some considerable distance.

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