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I Want Blood

Suburban Dirts

Old Jank Records

Released on Old Jank Records, ‘I Want Blood’ is the latest album from UK Americana/country outfit, Suburban Dirts. This new addition to Suburban Dirts creative output follows on from previous album, ‘A Tiny Little Island In The Big Bad Sea’, and arrives in rather epic fashion, due to containing fifteen tracks that relay some rather uncivilised and gruesome tales concerning “…pre-cowboy America, real frontier stuff”, which could easily provide the soundtrack to a film of similar ilk. It makes for compulsive listening and really starts with the gothic horror of ‘The Harpe Brothers Theme’; based on a real-life tale of brothers Micajah ‘Big’ Harpe and Wiley ‘Little’ Harpe who were American War Of Independence mercenaries, highwaymen, scoundrels and any other similar associated description one would like to add. Regarded as America’s first serial killers, the Harpe Brothers made their presence felt via various gruesome acts, which reveals its story at various intervals throughout this latest album by Suburban Dirts. From the clanking rhythm and narrative of the opening ‘The Harpe Brothers Theme’ sketching out the initial details of the aforementioned Harpe brothers, there are however, enough sweeter sounding moments to suggest this album is not entirely sheltered under a dark cloud. Far from it as there are enough examples of light filtering through the darker edges, which can be heard from the welcoming, and very authentic country sound of ‘Home’, with its use of violin, piano and steel strings, to the stirring beauty of instrumentation that details ‘Eli’, before arriving at the haunted memories of a relationship plaguing ‘To Dance With You Again’; the latter of which is a magnificent piece of work, and a song to be truly proud of. With some of the tracks playing out like interludes during a film, and therefore helping to knit the segments together, it is these moments that reveal some nice and memorable touches (‘As Long As You Are’), not to mention quirky additions (‘School Tomorrow’), as well as serving as a reminder that the storm clouds are never too far away (‘Ballad Of Little Harpe’). Clearly, much thought and attention to detail has gone into the preparation and making of this long player, which sets up ‘I Want Blood’ as Suburban Dirts’ most accomplished album to date, and one that is going to be difficult to surpass.

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