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Indian Bred Vol. 2: Chief Whoopin’ Koff

Various Artists


The next instalment in the ‘Indian Bred’ series from Atomicat sees another jampacked compilation of rockabilly and rock ‘n’ roll with many familiar names, and some less featured when it comes to other collections of rockin’ tracks. It’s not only the presentation of this current series that impresses, but the attention to detail considering space and time is restricted here. The choice of tracks this time leans more towards songs directly referencing native Americans, and with roots planted firmly in the various strands of country as far as the music goes. Therefore, step forward The Miller Brothers and Their Band (‘Geronimo’), Eddie Noack (‘Squaws Along The Way’), Roy Hogshed (‘Red Wing’) and Pee Wee King with ‘Indian Giver’. There are plenty of rockers as well with the album’s title track supplied by the driving guitars of The Fireballs, and then Barry Darvell letting fly with some serious rock ‘n’ roll with ‘Geronimo Stomp’, before adding further irresistible quality by way of Larry Manuel (‘Comanche Rock ‘N’ Roll’) and electric ‘Cherokee’ from Pete Goble and Billy Gill with The Kentucky Rebels. Where else are you going to find such wonderful eccentricities as ‘Indian Boogie’ by Buster Pack and His Lonesome Pine Boys’ and then supported by more household names and rockin’ tracks from Ray Scott, Bo Diddley to Link Ray and His Wraymen? That’s right, ‘Indian Bred: Chief Whoopin’ Koff’ because it’s a mighty fine collection of songs.

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