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Jive-A-Rama: It’s Rock And Roll

Various Artists


A new series arrives on the Atomicat imprint that focuses on the dance styles of jive, bop and stroll. With the first volume titled, ‘Jive-A-Rama: It’s Rock And Roll’ the songs come thick and fast and begin in some style via Arthur Lee May and The Crowns and ‘Do The Bop’, and concludes in equally fine style with The Starjays ‘Turn Down The Lights’. What’s interesting about this new CD set, which is scheduled for five releases, is that each volume includes artists from the 50s and early 60s, but also two songs from bands writing and recording in the present. Rather than give the game away, it’s up to the listener to untangle which two bands are the fresher sounding because once the 30 sides of jive, bop and stroll gets underway it’s not an easy answer to arrive at, especially for those less familiar with the rockin’ scene and therefore full credit for the authenticity of the modern bands involved. With some great names included and further interesting twists of artists and tracks chosen (i.e. Del Shannon’s version of ‘Runaround Sue’ rather opting for more obvious take by Dion), Jive-A-Rama: It’s Rock And Roll’ makes for an exciting compilation (listen to Curtis Lee’s ‘I Never Knew What Love Could Do’ for definitive proof) that will keep any dancer moving into the early hours.

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