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Less One Knows

Benjamin Finger

Dead Definition

Appropriate really considering the title of Norwegian Benjamin Finger’s album ‘Less One Knows’ that there is no press information accompanying this latest release and, therefore, leaving any theories and conclusions solely at the feet of the individual. An album wide open to interpretation therefore, and leap into a blackened wilderness, but most certainly not into the unknown considering Famous Last Words’ previous commentary on the works of Benjamin Finger. That said, ‘Less One Knows’ removes those comfy slippers Mr Finger was becoming accustomed with and immediately throws a U-turn where sounds were previously ethereal, wispy and largely communicating in electronic jargon, and replaced by such examples as the opening cacophony of noise illustrated by ‘Open Phase’. It is the start of this journey and it is one trying to remove itself from the confined space it finds itself in. It is the sound of a traffic jam in rush hour largely demonstrated by use of guitar. It is this very instrument that shapes and steers this new record and sounds somewhat alien when considering previous albums of Benjamin Finger. It is an angry record in several places given the hardened, charcoaled textures of ‘Screaming Mind’ where one can visualise sheets of rain beating down, to one that has been listening to and taking notes of post-rock and shoegaze. More specifically, the ghost of Joy Division is a reference point given the heavy melancholy of captivating ‘Bothered Earwaves’. Something has certainly shifted in the sea of sounds when it comes to Benjamin Finger because ‘Less One Knows’, in all of its details, is a record attempting to make sense of an episode that provides no comfort, only sadness, where memories surface and fade from thought and illustrated compellingly from start to finish via mainly electric guitar and, more or less, a first on this very manor, strong(ER) use of vocals where direct commentary between artist and audience is almost given, but then that would be a disservice to the title and overall context of this magnificent body of work. Sometimes in life, ‘Less One Knows’ really does provide more consolation.

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