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Let’s Throw A Rockin’ Soul Party

Various Artists

Koko Mojo

Drumming up ideas for new series is all in a day’s work when it comes to the folks at Koko Mojo Records. Fresh out of the stable is latest series ‘Let’s Throw A Rockin’ Soul Party’. Consisting of various artists from the 50s and early 60s, the attention to details is ever-present where music of the blues was transforming, and rhythm and blues really took hold and continued evolving to the point where the early stages of soul music were beginning to show. The compilation ‘Let’s Throw A Rockin’ Soul Party’ focuses on these musical developments with “soul” being the emphasis here, albeit in its early stages. Bringing together an interesting mix of major players within the genres of blues, rhythm and blues and early foundations of soul music you will find well-established artists and tracks. Such examples can be cited from the album’s initial stages with none other than John Lee Hooker’s utterly compelling ‘Boom Boom’, Little Eva with ‘The Loco-Motion’ and probably two of the clearest definitions of early soul music via J.J. Jackson (‘Oh My Liddy’) and Bobby Lewis (‘Tossin’ And Turnin’) where bright rays of sunlight were beginning to break through.  The golden tones of Sam Cooke during ‘I’ll Come Running Back To You’ cement such feelings, albeit at a much calmer pace and, likewise, the ubiquitous airplay of the song ‘Stand By Me’ from Ben E King. Packed therefore with established names from Marvin Gaye (‘Pride And Joy’), Jackie Wilson (‘Baby Workout’), Gino Parks (‘Don’t Say Goodbye’) and Etta James (‘Somethings Got A Hold On Me’), it’s testament to the irresistible charms of soul music where a lot of these tracks lie deep in the psyches of many people where, for example, The Mar-Keys instrumental ‘Last Night’ reminds of a certain BBC comedy and fond memories associated with this. That is the power and popularity of this genre of music because it will last for a lifetime.

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