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Midnight Bus

Marti Brom & her Rancho Notorious


Back with a new long player is singer-songwriter and powerhouse vocalist Marti Brom. Packed with no less than fifteen tracks to whet the appetite of any rockin’ aficionado and supported from the rear with “her” Rancho Notorious, latest album ‘Midnight Bus’ sees Texas artist and former Ameripolitan Award-winner Marti Brom balance a playlist between country and rockabilly. With recordings taking place in Sweden and issued under the Enviken banner, Marti Brom sets out her stall with songs of heartbreak (i.e. ‘Push Me Till I’m Gone’, ‘Lies Of A Promise’, ‘Last Ten Years With You’), in addition to remaining open to the prospects of love. Any notion of being open to love can be gleaned from confident sounding opener ‘Come Destroy Me’ that is Cramps-esque by its guitars and dark edges of its rhythm yet minus the trash, to full of endurance that exists in ‘Lovealholic’ and sounding like the kind of song Johnny Cash would have been performing in his youthful prime. In fact, the ghost of Johnny Cash makes an appearance during the previously cited ‘Push Me Till I’m Gone’ with its clickety-clack rhythm reminiscent of his Sun Records phase. Elsewhere, Marti Brom shows her versatility with traditional country one moment (‘Lasso Mr Moon’), before switching to something a little modern-sounding with influences of blues added to the rockin’ beat of ‘Ambush’; a song that would equally be at home with Imelda May. Throw into the mix a cover of Little Richard classic ‘Slippin’ And Slidin’, leaving ‘Midnight Night Bus’ as an album to be proud of due to its unwavering confidence throughout, considering the aforementioned hints of rejection of the subject matter of majority of songs, yet it also marks a serious and consistent comeback from an artist clearly finding her rhythm once again.

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