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New Spark Boogie / Free Ballin (Single)

The Ragtime Wranglers

Homebrew Records

With current single ‘Lover Please / Beau From Tupelo’ featuring Miss Mary Ann on vocals and The Ragtime Wranglers supplying the rhythm sections, special mention also goes to previous single ‘New Spark Boogie / Free Ballin’. Restricted to a mere 300 copies, it’s the turn of the three instrumentalists namely Joe (guitar/steel-guitar), Sietse (drums/percussion) and Huey (upright bass) to work their magic via two rockin’ tracks. Beginning with ‘New Spark Boogie’, The Ragtime Wranglers gradually work up a sweat with this rockin’ instrumental that gives an edge of unpredictability in terms of its direction, which excites the senses as does the rest of its rhythm that draws on rock ‘n’ roll and elements of country and western leading to a considerably cool and compelling track. The flipside, ‘Free Ballin’, follows in similar vein to its predecessor only the country and western influences are far more prominent and the rock ‘n’ roll is of a more dangerous nature with the guitars giving off an air of arrogance that lives up to its title and makes for a thoroughly compelling listen. It’s not often that instrumentals on their own cause much of a stir, but when it comes to The Ragtime Wranglers and this double-sided single, they wake up the neighbourhood with good reason because this is rock ‘n’ roll worth getting excited about.

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