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The Blue Nile


If I had to define melancholy, then I would have to say The Blue Nile’s ‘Hats’. Perfection exemplified in a variety of ways, ‘Hats’ was the long-awaited follow-up to ‘A Walk Across The Rooftops’, which is also receiving the reissue treatment, as the band truly delivered their masterpiece. As far as late-night albums go, ‘Hats’ is the only one you’ll ever need as it’s true, happiness can be found in sadness because despite the despondency often heard throughout this body of work (look no further than ‘Let’s Go Out Tonight’ or ‘From A Late Night Train’) there is something gorgeously wonderful about the downbeat tone being expressed here, rendering this release as simply essential.

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The Adults

The Adults

Warner Music

Taking a sabbatical from his day job with New Zealand’s Shihad, Jon Toogood has come up with a side project of sorts in the form of The Adults. Containing a more subtle sound than the previously mentioned Shihad, The Adults is an album to be filed under ‘grower’, as songs take their time working their way into the listeners’ senses. Patience is duly rewarded with the dual vocals of ‘A New Beginning’ as it steadily burns, and followed by the ever-so-slightly energetic ‘Reunite’. There is a glowing light surrounding ‘Sleep Me Tight’; a song of real innocent beauty and reflecting the tender side of Toogood. But it is perhaps the compositions ‘Most Important’ and ‘Anniversary Day’ that offer a more commercial appeal in order to appease those wanting a more instant fix.

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Funeral Beach

Blood Command

Fysisk Format

It’s reminiscent of a pneumatic drill hammering away before this album storms the barricades in a three pronged attack consisting of ‘Pissed Off And Slightly Offended!’, ‘March Of The Swan Elite’ and ‘Cult Of The New Beat’ as wave after wave of guitars and a white noise of vocal histrionics are simply relentless. There is no time to come up for air as Blood Command has found their conduit as a means of venting their anger at the social constraints of society and all those willing to conform. Cocking a sideways snipe at the aristocracy but also the cult of celebrity, the above mentioned ‘March Of The Swan Elite’ sets a clear intention of where this five-piece from Bergen wish to find themselves in the wider scheme of things: ‘Don’t ever let us in, cause we must keep you out’. With great insight, intelligence and showing glimpses of possible future musical direction with the more melodic ‘High Five For Life’ and sublime double-header of ‘Here Next To Murderous’ and ‘True North, Blood Command is shaping up to be a band with special promise, just as long as they can keep out the social sycophants for long enough.

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