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The Slingshots

Raucous Records

There is an authentic rockin’ rockabilly sound and it’s coming like a steamin’ freight train straight outta Sheffield in the shape of ‘Misfits’, the second long player from The Slingshots. Leading the line, but failing to conform, is nearly title track ‘Misfit’ with lyrics Morrissey would certainly identify with, and been proud of, had he pursued the rockabilly route. As it stands, leading man Steve Russell is doing an admiral job of rustling up an astute lyric or two with the acerbic in yer face abruptness of, ‘I Quit’ with its all chugging bass and guitars steering the song to its inevitable conclusion. Elsewhere the band offer tearjerker ‘Couldn’t Get Along’ and blues-influenced ‘If You Left Me’ reflecting the paranoid state of the central protagonist to great effect with a backdrop of howling harmonica and slightly distorted vocal.

As the album draws to a close with a sweeping back the years ‘Butterball Boogie’, full of country strings and foot tapping beat, and a double Western inspired outing via ‘Lonesome Trail’ and ‘Green-Eyed Monster’, The Slingshots have made a comeback of staggering proportions. Long live these Sheffield misfits.

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Don’t Touch My Greasy Hair!

The Wise Guyz

El Toro

A bit late this one but FLW feels that this rockin’ stomper from Ukrainian boppers The Wise Guyz has been unfairly overlooked. From the opening drumroll of ‘Don’t Touch My Greasy Hair’ kicking off proceedings, to the frenzied sounds of ‘I’m a Fool’ and nearly blasting into orbit ‘Really Rocket’,  it is clear that the Wise Guyz know a thing or two about creating an authentic rockabilly and rock’n’roll sound.

With a steady side order of humour added to this authentic recipe, these cool cats simply can’t fail as ‘Don’t Touch My Greasy Hair’ also holds a slight variation in sound with the Hawaiian sway of ‘I’ve Kissed You, Baby’, and the late-night smooch of ‘Let’s Fly To The Stars’ displaying that it’s not all foot-to-the-floor stompers. But it remains that the echoes of the Johnny Burnette sounding, ‘Hey, Hey Little Chick’ and pacey ‘Jukebox Jumpin’, together with the aforementioned title track, that really ignites this album.

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Family Tree

Eve Selis

Hippy Chick Twang

Eve Selis has really pulled out the trump card with ‘Family Tree’ as it is an album full of intimacy and rich in consistency. The gritty power of opener, ‘Power and Glue’ really states its intentions, and nicely succeeded with ‘Any Day’, which would grace any radio station’s playlist as it has ‘Hit’ single written all over it. The straight up country jaunt of, ‘When Is Everything Enough’ is a topical reminder of the current financial predicament told through the eyes of a love song. But it is the title track itself which really stirs emotionally, as it is a lump in the throat realisation of separation when the empty nest syndrome becomes a reality. It would seem that Eve Selis is at the peak of her powers as ‘Family Tree’ deserves to be a lasting success.

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