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Popcorn Blues Party Vol. 2

Various Artists

Koko Mojo

Beginning a new series on Koko Mojo is ‘Popcorn Blues Party’. With volume two arriving fresh for review, the numerous artists featured are handpicked by the Mojo Man himself (aka Little Victor) and with all tracks receiving the remastering treatment, there’s much care and attention to detail given. Originating from the land of Belgium, the Popcorn genre as it is known blends traditional rhythm and blues with pop songs of the 50s and 60s and performed in a slow to midtempo and often in a minor key. Therefore what the listener can expect with the current album in this brand new series are such atmospheric slow burners as ‘My Baby’ performed by Nappy Brown, to infectious grooves with a slightly higher tempo as Bo Diddley’s ‘I Can Tell’, ‘Had You Told It Like It Was’ (Albert King) and ‘Icy Groove’ via Albert Collins. In fact, the entire long player is an eclectic mix of styles where one moment songs are pounding out rhythms via bongos and blues harmonica (‘Made It Up In Your Mind’) and the next slinking along to a forceful rhythm and blues beat and largely aided by convincing vocals from Piney Brown during ‘Sugar In My Tea (Cream In My Coffee). It’s the slower tempo songs that appeal most, especially when both music and vocal deliveries equally match one another, but that’s taking nothing away from what is an interesting and very engaging compilation of a genre that has much to offer.

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