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Catfight – Rattle Shakin’ Mama

Various Artists


More rockabilly, rhythm and blues and doo-wop goodness via the series Catfight and, in this instance, ‘Rattle Shakin’ Mama’. Packed to the rafters with a total of twenty-five tracks, the CD offers great value for anyone’s hard-earned cash due to the variety of artists on offer ranging from excellent and lowdown rockin’ sounds of Don Willis with ‘Boppin’ High School Baby’; lively rockabilly of Big Al Downing’s ‘Down On The Farm’, to the wild cat that was Ronnie Self and compelling ‘Ain’t I’m A Dog’. Not forgetting to mention and backed by equally compelling numbers, especially in the vocals department, via Conway Twitty (‘I Need Your Lovin’) and Bobby Marchan who made it all sound so effortless (‘Chickee Wah-Wah’). With The Del Vikings and The Five Keys providing a little doo-wop and admirably so, to The Cochran Brothers springing up and offering ‘A Fool’s Paradise’, these are all but a small selection of the sheer delights on offer throughout this excellent compilation, ‘Rattle Shakin’ Mama’.

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