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Rock And Roll Mama

Various Artists

Pan American/Atomicat

Going from strength to strength is the latest addition to the PanAm stable and that being ‘Rock And Roll Mama’. As said in a previous review regarding this album’s predecessor is the informative findings of lesser-known artists from the genres of rockabilly and rock ‘n’ roll. By including a vast amount of tracks to wade through which, by the way, is never tiresome because the quality is consistently high, it’s the turn of the female with Stormy Gayle offering a powerful start with the engaging ‘Flipsville’ which, if you listen closely enough, cleverly picks parts of its rhythm from ‘Train Kept A Rollin’. There’s frantic guitars with The Sonics ‘Marlene’, to compelling vocal performances, and for different reasons, from the likes of Eddie Chase and ‘Ginger’, Stan Gunn And The Country Hepcats ‘Baby Sitter Boogie’, Russ Veers and keepin’ it on the edge of its toes rhythm ‘Warm As Toast’, and not forgetting ghostly feel of ‘Midnight Dreams’ from Tommy Bell. If you’re searching for the epitome of cool, then two such contenders can be heard via Roy James And The Rhythm Rockers ‘Rock & Roll Mama’ and soon followed by Danny And The Galaxies ‘If You Want To Be My Baby’. As mentioned earlier, this series of rockabilly and rock ‘n’ roll goes from strength to strength; ‘Rock And Roll Mama’ is no different as each of its 26 tracks does the Pan American label proud and will leave any listener eagerly anticipating the next volume.

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