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Rock Ya Baby

Various Artists

Pan American/Atomicat

Continuing what has become something of a great tradition, not to mention series, the latest release on the Pan American record label is volume 45. With 26 tracks of rockabilly and rock ‘n’ roll goodness, the listener is spoilt for choice with newest in the series ‘Rock Ya Baby’. Whether it’s letting off some steam via Johnny Faire and wild ‘Bertha Lou’, to equally rowdy The Spades ‘Jim Dandy’, this compilation of artists will not fail to disappoint. By mixing a few NAMES with those less known or perhaps less featured on similar collections is a major appeal of this fascinating series and really brings attention through such tracks as Sonny Russell with ’50 Megatons’ and its intriguing quirks, to the slim instrumentation of ‘Baby By Rock’ by Winnie Starr And The Omaha Kid, and other places where the rockin’ beat definitely holds a swagger such as ‘Bad Bad Way’ from Rodger & The Tempests. Far more than a simple introduction to rockabilly and rock ‘n’ roll, ‘Rock Ya Baby’ via PanAm certainly lives up to its title, but these songs and artists will guarantee further investigation due to a lack of familiarity and, more importantly, for being of the highest quality.

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