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Soulful Woman

Billie and the Kids

Rhythm Bomb

Picking up from where the band left off last time is third album ‘Soulful Woman’ for Billie and the Kids. There’s a lively feel to the majority of songs on offer here with frontwoman Billie in fine fettle along with the rest of the band who power their way through a series of songs only allowing a few minutes to slow things down when the mood feels right. There’s no compromising during opening track ‘I Won’t Be Your Fool’ that is full of bullish instrumentation and sturdy vocals that mean nothing but business. Following on from that ‘Who’s The One That Stole Your Heart’ is lyrically an open confession set to a passionate performance from all concerned. With ‘He Can Rock’ tearing the house down via an opening shrill of vocals clearly influenced by Little Richard, and other more bluesy numbers such as ‘Baby How Long’ offering plenty of grit, it’s left to the likes of plaintive and soulful ballad ‘Another Love’ to provide another side to this talented band. If you’re searching for rhythm and blues packed with energy and emotions, then you’ve come to the right place with Billie and the Kids ‘Soulful Woman’.

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