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Released 12 February


Stain Remover (Single)

This Sect

Sect Appeal Records

It has been a while since Norwegian’s This Sect made something of an impact on home soil, not to mention reaching the perimeters of the UK with their debut album ‘Shake The Curse’ (2014). Since that period, the six-piece has been busy writing and recording, in addition to its various members pursuing other musical goals. Step forward however, and there’s a brand-new single, and promise of a second album in the offing. First song to be lifted from sophomore album ‘Everything We Know Into A Black Hole’ is ‘Stain Remover’. Instantly, the song reveals This Sect on a much subtler path than before, where it is clear the twin-turbo of vocals and guitar often highlighting the caustic, jagged edges of their debut record are toned down somewhat without losing any of the former’s close associations to such post-punk references as The Chameleons. ‘Stain Remover’ is the sound of a band moving on from this debut, but it remains a record that never forgets its past, with the difference being the understated way it goes about its business. Older and wiser therefore, but there is an anger that still simmers beneath this first single that becomes more apparent in the steady progress of its rhythm, which accumulates in layers and quickens in tempo and identifiable in the almost overlapping vocals and swirls of instrumentation. People friendly ‘Stain Remover’ most certainly isn’t as far as its words detail, rather a more telling sign of a figure scraping away at the innermost layers of humanity in the hope of finding something constructive. The wait, however, may be a while. ‘Stain Remover’ is the perfect response from a band which has taken an awful long time to reply to that echo that called out for a new release which, on this hearing, This Sect is certainly forgiven. Welcome back!

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