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Steady In The Saddle (Single)

Ossian Smith

Secret Entertainment

With this very music paper having championed Ossian Smith after his debut release ‘Sleepless Town’ last year, the singer-songwriter (plus additional band members) returns with a brand-new offering. The single ‘Steady In The Saddle’ throws up previous roots and rock influences however subtle, yet reveals a harder edge and one purported to by Ossian Smith during our previous encounter: “A lot of my newer unreleased material has more of a harder edge to it, which probably comes from listening to heavier stuff like Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots and The Cult”. Despite such an announcement bearing creative fruit in the present via latest single ‘Steady In The Saddle’, any suggestion of this being a straight grunge workout is far from obvious. The truth is that Ossian Smith with Miiro Kesti (keys), Markus Ilkka (bass) and Timmo Salakka (drums) have created something far more inventive. By incorporating elements of light grunge kicking off  ‘Steady In The Saddle’, before developing into a rollercoaster ride of rock and funk, the kind of which The Rolling Stones knit together seamlessly, Ossian Smith equally masters by creating a driving rhythm that backs the vengeful message of the narration, inspired by Aesop’s tale of a horse that lost its liberty. It all makes for an engaging listen and bodes extremely well for the release of Ossian Smith’s album this year.

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