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Strangers/Lovers: Side A


Little Daggers Records

Adopting a novel approach to her debut album release is DAGNY. Having written an impressive number of tracks, two hundred and fifty to be precise, in addition to taking part in numerous sessions and recording studios the world over, the singer-songwriter Dagny (full name Dagny Norvoll Sandvik) entered Livingroom Studios in Oslo during 2019 to finalise the tracks for the first half of debut album ‘Strangers/Lovers: Side A’. Seeking a common thread throughout the album, the aforementioned “novel approach” was taken as a result of sifting through eighteen months of work and realising that all songs from this period were good enough to make the cut for the debut record; hence the debut album being split in two for two separate releases. Focusing on the first half of the record, ‘Strangers/Lovers: Side A’ is full of pop songs that are bright as they are bristling with intelligence. Such examples can be garnered from the gradual awakening that is ‘Come Over’, to sleek electronic beats steering ‘Somebody’ and its joyous realisation of love echoed by its words. What goes up however, also tends to come down as the emotions suggest during the tail end of this debut record, best served by honest admissions of ‘Let Me Cry’. An exceptionally good start is ‘Strangers/Lovers: Side A’ and one that, no doubt, will become even more clearer once its imminent second side is released.

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