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Surface Textures

Andrew Tasselmyer

Eilean Records

Far from being a newcomer to a corner of the music world that exists on a diet of field recordings, samples, electronics and numerous other instruments when called for, American Andrew Tasselmyer sees his latest creation ‘Surface Textures’ released via Eilean Records. Going to great lengths to capture the sounds included on ‘Surface Textures’ with visits to Japan, China, Europe and the USA between 2017 and 2018, there is a sense of a journey captured here that is attempting to recall the past. Whether that is a means to unravel certain memories that continue to perplex or relive happier times then that is a matter for the artist at the centre of this record to workout. But what does transpire is a series of atmospheric tracks that suggest moments where surface noises aid suggestions of memories felt, such as the darker tone of ‘From Out The Depths’, and then lead to clearer paths (‘Nara Sunset’) although (and interestingly) the murkier shades of any such fog never fully dissipates. A fourth outing for Andrew Tasselmyer with latest album ‘Surface Textures’ and it is one that will really get under your skin for numerous good reasons.

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