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The Midnight Creature

Crystal & Runnin' Wild

Rhythm Bomb

Crystal & Runnin’ Wild is far from being your typical rockin’ unit as there’s always been a sense of the ‘other’ about them, which entails various musical influences, albeit subtle, and theatrical touches that earmark them as somewhat different to their contemporaries. Add to the mix a strong sense of humour, not to mention undoubted skilful musicianship, and you’ve really got the full pot when it comes to Crystal & Runnin’ Wild. With the decision made to record the album in MONO, and the band focusing on darker themes without losing the aforementioned sense of humour where B-movie references and influences from surf and garage rock to wild rockabilly play their part, this latest chapter in Crystal & Runnin’ Wild makes for an enthralling affair. Combing original material with a selection of cover songs makes no difference here as the chosen covers often sound like fresh compositions; such is the deft touches of creativity at the heart of this band. For highlights look no further than the wonderfully pared back ‘Set Me Free’; heavy rockabilly of ‘Wish You Misery’ and then more traditional rockin’ ‘The Midnight Creature’, to the pacey Western flavoured ‘Take Me Home’ and complete opposite of dark and soulful ‘Nobody Loves You’ to understand that Crystal & Runnin’ Wild has the ability to offer something quite different and really rather special via latest album ‘The Midnight Creature’.

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