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This Is It! (EP)

Gene and Eunice

Koko Mojo

Described as ‘The Sweethearts of Rhythm and Blues’, Gene Wilson and Eunice Levy certainly lived up to such a description with the gentle way the four tracks selected for this vinyl EP play out. Having resided in Los Angeles, the singer-songwriter pairing, who also ended up dating for a period before tying the knot not too long after, recorded approximately a dozen songs and all their own making between 1954 – 1959. If you’re looking for a musical appetiser in the sense of something to whet the appetite before the main event, then ‘Bom Bom Lulu’ is that song with its lively yet gentle approach of rhythm and blues. In fact, the calmness in relation to the vocals is the essence of Gene Wilson and Eunice Levy who skilfully roundup any hints of rebellion breaking out via the instruments as the duo’s vocals dominate throughout. Such examples can be gleaned from the opening bustle of instrumentation of ‘Hootchy Kootchy’ that soon levels out once the vocals arrive, and then followed in similar fashion during ‘Go On Kokomo’. The final track gracing this EP is the excellent ‘Send Me Someone’ where you can hear the frustrations held in the vocals and therefore giving off a slightly rawer edge that benefits the EP overall. A genuine talented duo, Gene Wilson and Eunice Levy reveal four tracks that live up to such a reputation.

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