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Thorn In My Heart

Kim Richey


There is a great openness about Kim Richey not only in her music but also in the quest for new inspiration, something of which is reflected in her latest album ‘Thorn In My Heart’. A recurring sense of longing for change in the surroundings appears to be the dominant force at work here, with the seats permanently nailed down in songs such as the lovely mid-tempo and ‘Til Tuesday-esque ‘Come On’, attempting to rid the devil from the protagonist’s back, to the restrained banjo strum of ‘Something More’ that literally daydreams itself away. Loneliness is personified in ‘London Town’, and compounded to great effect with the drifting smoke of an intermittent horn, only to be supplanted by the melancholic beauty ‘Love Is’. Such phrases as a ‘return to form’ are utterly redundant when it comes to Kim Richey as ‘Thorn In My Heart’ is merely an extension of a great canon of work. Welcome back!

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