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Thunder & Lightning

Fireball Steven

Rhythm Bomb

The cogs are turning once more at Rhythm Bomb Records with a brand-new release issued this month. Marking the comeback is Fireball Steven with an authentic take on rockabilly via new long player ‘Thunder & Lightning’. From a fresh faced and youthful appearance adorning the cover of his latest album, concerns of growing old seem to be impacting the song writing of Fireball Steven. An example of this can be heard during the only self-penned track of the album, ‘Rheumatism Baby’, which is a crying shame considering its addictive shuffling rhythm and cool vocals that would have seen its songwriter firmly at home with the original pioneers of 50’s rockabilly. That said, the choice of covers is given careful consideration with either less obvious artists chosen or those who are more familiar it’s often a less obvious song selected for ‘Thunder & Lightning’. Paying much homage therefore, but not without adding very subtle traits of his own, Fireball Steven reinvigorates such great and interesting choices as Ronnie Self’s ‘Black Night Blues’ where piano certainly dominates, to a very live sounding ‘Everybody’s Body’ via George Hamilton IV with some great pickin’ on the guitar. The straight out of Memphis interpretation of Larry Manuel’s ‘Comanche Rock ‘n’ Roll’ sees Fireball Steven slipping comfortably into the former songwriter’s rockin’ shoes with much respect given as its inch perfect. Additionally, ditto Luke McDaniel’s ‘Huh Babe’, albeit with the smallest of margins when it comes to energy during Fireball Steven’s version. It’s more than a solid comeback from both artist and record label where Fireball Steven proves his knowledge and worth when recreating a 50’s rockabilly sound that shows great respect to former recording artists of the era, but with added bonuses where Swedish enters the vocabulary of ‘Thunder & Lightning’ (‘Söderns Son’), and the formerly mentioned own composition ‘Rheumatism Baby’ revealing a genuine song writing talent in his own right.


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