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You Shake Me

Various Artists

Pan American/Atomicat

Rejuvenating a former series and continuing under the Pan American label but via Atomicat Records is latest compilation ‘You Shake Me Up’. Featuring various artists from the world of 50s rockabilly and rock ‘n’ roll, ‘You Shake Me Up’ mixes lesser-known artists with those who made a name for themselves during this brief yet golden period of music. Containing twenty-six tracks and offering serious value for money, ‘You Shake Me Up’ certainly delivers when it comes to the most important ingredient, and that being the music. Beginning in scintillating fashion with the triplet that is Bobby Smith and ‘She’s Gone From Me’; Earl Reed and His Rhythm Rockers ‘Mama’ and Floyd Lee with ‘Go Boy’, ‘You Shake Me Up’ lives up to its title from the off. In fact, the entire album is littered with such delights whether raw and loose like Blacky Vale’s version of ‘If I Had Me A Woman’ or equally Thunder Rocks with ‘Oh, My Linda’, to a different interpretation of well-known classic ‘Be-Bop-A-Lula’ delivered by Junior Shank and The Jesters. With this album being filled with many highlights, one of these is reserved nearing its end with rip-roaring number ‘Slow Down Sandy’ given the required spark by Eddie Quinteros and accompanying guitar. The decision to revive the Pan American series was a worthwhile one considering the hot rockin’ cuts selected for ‘You Shake Me Up’ because it won’t let you down.

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