Simulacrum With Details Of New Album

Critical Timing

‘Sky Divided’ is the forthcoming album from progressive metal band, Simulacrum. The album is described as a concept album and will be released via Inverse Records 28th August 2015. With artwork by Jan Yrlund, who has worked with other artists such as Manowar, Stratovariu and Sirenia, adding to the theme running throughout this forthcoming album.


Details of the track listing are as follows:

1. Timelapse (02:50)
2. Behind The Belt Of Orion (05:32)
3. Broken (05:51)
4. Embrace The Animal Within (05:00)
5. Deep In The Trenches (05:25)
6. The Abomination (10:57)
7. Sky Divided (05:50)
8. Enter Hyperion (06:01)
9. A New Beginning (14:19)

In addition to the new album release, Simulacrum will be issuing more songs that
will be released every couple of weeks through the bands website, social
media and webzines. Also, there will be two big budget music videos, multicam
live video recordings from Turku Klubi.

Further information can be found at the band’s official website and Facebook page:

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