Skein Land At Famous Last Words

Skein Land At Famous Last Words

Finland is the location where Famous Last Words (FLW) discovered new (to our ears at least) five-piece band Skein, who agreed to an interview with this music paper.

The latest interview to arrive at the doorstep of Famous Last Words (FLW) finds the alternative metal/rock act currently promoting their new single ‘Rapier’, before the band’s second full album is released later in September 2017.

The interview with Skein can be found in the INDIE section at FLW where the band’s video accompaniment to the single ‘Rapier’ can be seen as well.

Skein is definitely an exciting prospect where variety and diversity can be found in both lyrics and sound, and we’re extremely proud to feature them here at FLW.

(Image courtesy of Jani Muhonen)

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