Soft Fangs Sees The Light

Soft Fangs Sees The Light

Singer-songwriter Soft Fangs will see new album ‘The Light’ released March 18th on Disposable America Records and Exploding In Sound.

Soft Fangs – real name John Lutkevich – recorded the forthcoming album in the attic of his childhood home in the suburbs of Massachusetts, which no doubt conjured up many memories as well as providing a strong source of inspiration in terms of the song writing.

The track ‘Air’, from the new album, has already been issued with Soft Fangs commenting: “I wanted to write a song about someone jumping off a bridge, both in the metaphysical and literal sense.  The air represents the space between thoughts and actions, where everything is indeterminate. In my opinion, it’s the moment that occurs right before death and right before enormous creative discovery.”

Now based in Brooklyn, Soft Fangs music has been compared to the likes of Radiohead, Elliot Smith, Sparklehorse and Nick Drake, due to his ability to combine introspective and poetic lyrics with delicate guitar and haunting melodies.

‘The Light’ is available March 18th, 2016 on Disposable America Records and Exploding In Sound

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