Split Single For Secret Space & The Flats

Split Single For Secret Space & The Flats

Two indie bands for the price of one!

Secret Space and The Flats have announced a joint 7″ single that will be issued on Memory Music March 4th, 2016.

With Secret Space offering ‘The Window Room’ that can be described as heavy atmospheric rock with a sense of anthemic pop.

The contribution from Secret Space comes on the back of their recent signing to Equal Vision Records with plans underway to release a full-length album late in 2016.

In addition to Secret Space, The Flats lend their indie rock sound to the split 7″ by way of the song ‘Machinery’. The six piece indie-rock band from northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan released a DIY album back in 2014 titled ‘Liberation & The House In Blue’ with the band stating their intention: “We want our music to feel ‘grand’, and we hope to make the listener dig a little deeper within themselves and to embrace those deep rooted emotions.” The new single should go some way to backing up these words!

Secret Space and The Flats joint 7″ single is available March 4th, 2016 via Memory Music 

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