SundaySong Out With New Single

SundaySong Out With New Single

Finnish Alternative-rock band SundaySong has issued latest single ‘Mountainheart’ from their album ‘Signals’.

SundaySong produce atmospheric alternative-rock sounds, which is recognizable from current single ‘Mountainheart’. In addition, the track ‘Mountainheart’ is accompanied with a music video shot by the band’s drummer Jari Heino. The video was filmed at the location Kotka in Finland. The song and video remain personal to the band and drummer Jari Heino as he explains:

“The story came up when we were recording the album from soundsphere of Mountainheart. It was very personal project for me cause I have lost a child years ago. It’s something you cannot forget. I guess there’s many other people who also have been there, in the endless storm. Hopefully this video comforts.”

Watch the video to single ‘Mountainheart’ @ FLW

The single ‘Mountainheart’ is out now in addition to the full-length album ‘Signals’ via Inverse Records


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