Surface Textures Of A Journey

Surface Textures Of A Journey

Ambient music arrives @ FLW via latest album and interview with American artist Andrew Tasselmyer.

It was all in a journey of several different countries and his homeland that ambient artist Andrew Tasselmyer put together the pieces that resulted in latest album ‘Surface Textures’. It’s an album that evokes different emotions and revives memories for the artist in question.

Famous Last Words (FLW) reviewed the album not too long ago and was so smitten with the contents heard, that we had to get in contact to feature this artist composing music in a niche genre that deserves more coverage.

Head to our interviews section of FLW and read the brand-new interview with Andrew Tasselmyer to find out more about this artist, new album ‘Surface Textures’ and the working processes behind his music.

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