Terrible Love Issue Doubt Mines

Terrible Love Issue Doubt Mines

Available now is the brand new EP from post-hardcore quintet Terrible Love.

Based in London, the five-piece band issue forth their EP under the heading, ‘Doubt Mines’, which is available via Big Scary Monsters.

The latest EP by Terrible Love is reviewed at Famous Last Words (FLW) and really deserves to be heard as it marks a significant development in the band’s sound from previous, and rather magnificent EP, ‘Change Nothing’ (2015), where it loses none of the initial edge and spark from that earlier EP.

‘Doubt Mines’ is released on a limited run of black vinyl (300) and clear vinyl with a pink blob (200) as well as being able to access and hear the new EP via all popular streaming platforms. Furthermore, Terrible Love has made the EP, ‘Doubt Mines’, available on Bandcamp for a free or a Name Your Price alternative for those in a generous mood.

Grab yourself a copy of ‘Doubt Mines’ EP now as you will not be disappointed!


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