Terrible Love Release Change Nothing EP

Terrible Love Release Change Nothing EP

Official vinyl release of first EP for Terrible Love

Change Nothing

With the demise of previous bands Goodtime Boys, Bastions and Grappler, a new line-up emerged by the name of Terrible Love.

The results of this process saw Terrible Love temporarily relocate to Cornwall in the spring of 2015 in order set the wheels in motion for their first ever recording.

It wasn’t until January 2016 that Terrible Love emerged with their finished recording titled ‘Change Nothing’ EP, which was released as a free download.

Record label Big Scary Monsters issues ‘Change Nothing’ EP as a 12″ vinyl today (22/04) (including a very special limited variant).

‘Change Nothing’ EP picked up a review in Famous Last Words (FLW), details of which can be read at the following link: http://famouslastwordsrecords.com/reviews/change-nothing-ep/

In addition to the EP release, Terrible Love is set to perform at this year’s 2000 Trees Festival as well as various tour dates during the summer.

‘Change Nothing’ EP is out now and available from Big Scary Monsters

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