The Great Escape For An Ocean Of Void

The Great Escape For An Ocean Of Void

Having been together since 2010, An Ocean of Void is a five-piece band from Bordeaux, France, with a debut looming on the horizon.

The band’s sound has been tagged as post-rock with a considerable amount of ‘atmospheric metal’ thrown in for good measure, and likely to appeal to fans of Ghost Brigade, Russian Circles, Envy, Cult of Luna and Pink Floyd.

The only previous material from An Ocean of Void was a self-produced demo back in 2012, which helped lay the foundations for the band’s forthcoming album ‘The Great Escape’.

Full track listing ‘The Great Escape’

Diving in the Deepest Sea
Silent Storm
Behind Red Clouds
An Ocean of Void Part. I
A Faded Light
An Ocean of Void Part. II

You can pre-order ‘The Great Escape’ from Inverse Records:

‘The Great Escape’ will be released via Inverse Records 4th December 2015

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