The Harvey Steel Show confirmed For By:Larm

The Harvey Steel Show confirmed For By:Larm

Coming back down to planet Earth after bidding farewell only recently with their album ‘Goodbye Earth’, the Harvey Steel show has been confirmed for next year’s By:Larm music festival (Norway).

The announcement from the band for next year’s music festival event will be a chance to showcase the contents of the previously mentioned ‘Goodbye Earth’ (See FLW Reviews) that is the band’s third long player after previous efforts ‘Full Double Rainbow!’ (2015) and ‘Ol’ Drake’s Medicine Show’ (2016).

By combining psychedelia with indie rock, jazz, and modern art with theatre, not forgetting the musical reference points from Captain Beefheart, The Beatles, Miles Davis, Tom Waits, Wagner et al, it’s safe to say that the Harvey Steel show possesses a fair amount of character and colour when it comes to writing and recording their music.

With home being a cosy ranch on planet Jupiter where peace, love and respect exists between all who reside there, the Harvey Steel show hope to bring such sentiments to planet Earth with their desire for “No guns, no hatred, no war,” and creative visions via their music.

Catch the Harvey Steel show live at next year’s By:Larm as you will not be disappointed!

The next By:Larm event is scheduled to take place from 1st – 3rd March 2018.


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