The Main Level Add New Member To Their Ranks

The Main Level Add New Member To Their Ranks

Currently receiving much praise for their latest single ‘My Guitar’, pop band The Main Level announce news that they have been joined by a new member to their line up by the name of Eric Tryland. On receiving the news and being welcomed to The Main Level fold, Tryland said:

“This is my first single with The Main Level. I have played with the boys many times before, but this is something else to become a permanent member. I am incredibly excited what the future will bring, have heard the stories from last year [laughing], and I’m looking forward to much more this year.”

The single ‘My Guitar’ was released earlier this month, and was written in collaboration with GoToGuys, namely Kristoffer Tømmerbakke (Erik og kriss) and Erik Smaaland (Adelén, Gabrielle). With lyrics referring to the notion that music can contribute to people’s lives in terms of the everyday and that it’s always important to remember to think positive.

Remaining positive is something The Main Level are certainly doing as their single ‘My Guitar’ looks set to be a summer smash!

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