The Slingshots Leave Their Final Thoughts @ FLW

The Slingshots Leave Their Final Thoughts @ FLW

New interview at Famous last Words (FLW). It’s been a few years since FLW last spoke with The Slingshots after a lengthy trip all the way to Sheffield to interview the band when their second album ‘Misfits’ was out for public consumption, and the band were looking forward to a debut performance at the Rockabilly Rave.

Since catching up with The Slingshots in 2020, it was sad news that greeted FLW as the band decided to call time on their career.

It was deemed necessary, therefore, by these pages to feature an interview with Sheffield’s Kings of Rockabilly once news reached FLW that the Slingshots were to be no more.

With a farewell gift arriving in the shape of two 45″ vinyl records, and both containing one track each of new material, The Slingshots, despite the aforementioned decision to quit, is determined to leave on a high, and that is something they most certainly do!

One Cup Of Coffee is where you will find our discussion with The Slingshots and we hope that you enjoy reading it.

(Photography courtesy of Tony Bruce)


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