The Tigerlilies Arrive At FLW!

The Tigerlilies Arrive At FLW!

Exclusive interview with post-punk and power pop band The Tigerlilies

Famous Last Words (FLW) was full of praise for The Tigerlilies recent EP ‘123456’. It was on the back of this review that FLW decided to get in contact with the band to request an interview after being so enamoured with the aforementioned EP with its post-punk and pop influences.

With the band receiving a lot of recognition back home in the States, not to mention other musicians such as the UK’s Paul Weller taking note of the qualities that The Tigerlilies possess in the song writing department, it was left to lead singer and guitarist, Pat Hennessy and bass player, Brian Driscoll, to do the talking when FLW came calling for some much needed information to help us gain further insight regarding the band.

New interview, and a first for FLW, we’re proud to announce the arrival of The Tigerlilies!

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