There’s a magical spell brewing in Michigan

New talent With A Penchant For Carl Perkins

Carl Bradychok is the name being bandied about stateside due to being something of a guitar maestro and recognised songwriter. Such recognition began as early as the tender age of fifteen when Carl opted for home schooling so that he could take the opportunity to tour with Detroit-based rockabilly and psychobilly band, The Twistin’ Tarantulas. By chance, legendary rockabilly artist Jack Scott was in the neighbourhood, and ended up witnessing for himself the talent that is Carl Bradychok during one of the gigs with The Tarantulas. Soon afterwards, Jack Scott asked Carl Bradychok if he would like to be his lead guitarist.

From such recognition came further offers, which arrived via promoter Arjan G. Deelen and the tour, An Evening with Elvis’ Friends and Original Musicians. Since taking part in this particular tour, Carl has been a part of An Evening with Elvis’ Friends and Original Musicians for the last three years, and will continue his affiliation with this event in April this year.

Having been named after his parents’ admiration for rockabilly artist Carl Perkins, it wasn’t long until Carl Bradychok decided that he would try his hand at singing. A decision was made in December 2012 that saw Carl take on (appropriately) Carl Perkins’ ‘Matchbox’, and resulted in his inclusion in the aforementioned An Evening with Elvis’ Friends and Original Musicians tour. In addition, Carl recorded a five song EP to sell at the shows last year, which sold out after the third of nine shows that he ended up performing in.

The latest news is that Carl Bradychok has been busy writing and recording a full-length album, which is scheduled for an imminent release. With no album title available as of yet, the name Carl Bradychok should be resurfacing sometime soon with an album full of rockabilly and country tracks. Watch this space!


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