Up And Running In 2022

Up And Running In 2022

The New Year brings the first new interview at Famous Last Words (FLW) with Australians Infinity Broke.

Released last year, ‘Your Dream My Jail’ was the latest album by Infinity Broke. The band were due to promote and tour with the new recording, but due to the ongoing problems of the pandemic, various plans had to be scrapped and rescheduled for this year.

The new album is out for general consumption and Infinity Broke is set for tour dates in Australia this month.
Famous Last Words (FLW) interviewed lead singer Jamie Hutchings of Infinity Broke regarding the band’s new album and to see what life has been like for all of them in relation to the challenging times we are all experiencing right now.

The album ‘Your Dream My Jail’ is a fascinating album and quite possibly seen as the band’s best effort to date. We think it is a terrific record and you can find out more by reading the latest interview with Infinity Broke at FLW. Welcome back!

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