Worth The Wait For Finnish-Canadian Rockers Forth

Worth The Wait For Finnish-Canadian Rockers Forth

Available now is the final prequel single ‘Waiting’ by Finnish-Canadian alternative-rock band FORTH.

The single arrives as something of a surprise, but also as means of “Thank you” to all of Forth’s supporters who’ve followed the band since its inception.

With the track ‘Waiting’ originally surfacing in 2011 when Forth were known as The Roc, and had two different band members; namely drummer Markus Hollmen and Tuomas Virta on bass. The lyrics to ‘Waiting’ were inspired when lead singer, Brian Forth first met his wife after a long string of bad relationships.

Given its strong credentials , the song ‘Waiting’ is an inspired choice to release on the back of Forth’s well-received second album ‘Captivity’, which featured strongly at Famous Last Words (FLW) last year.

The single ‘Waiting’ is out now and available digitally and for streaming.

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