Bringing Back Traditional Country

Bringing Back Traditional Country

It was a great moment in the history of Famous Last Words (FLW) when this very music paper secured an interview with country cat, Charlie Thompson.

The task was a difficult one in terms of securing his services for the interview with FLW, but through sheer determination a date was agreed and the interview was put in place with Charlie Thompson. And what an interview it turned out to be! Over two hours of discussion, hours of editing with much discussion left on the cutting room floor due to a lack of space to include everything, but FLW hopes that the best bits have been included and that you will enjoy the interview with this rather talented and fascinating artist.

With Charlie Thompson nominated for a second time at the Ameripolitan Awards in Austin, Texas, that is scheduled for next year, it looks like his star is seriously beginning to shine! Hail, hail Charlie Thompson!

Famous Last Words’ interview with Charlie Thompson can be read at the following FLW link: 


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