Collected Works From Baby Bry Bry

Collected Works From Baby Bry Bry

From Washington DC is the raw garage punk and twisted rock and roll from Baby Bry Bry.

Having built a name for himself on the city’s live circuit and a number of single releases, Baby Bry Bry is set for a new lease of life with Cricket Cemetery Records.

The new record deal with Cricket Cemetery Records will see a collection of Baby Bry Bry’s works, including singles and home recordings, compiled for the album, ‘The Way Things Was’, and it will provide an insight into the varied influences that this singer-songwriter manages to bring together and describe under one umbrella as “lounge punk”.

A live date has also been announced to promote the album and will be held at Songbyrd Music House on 5th December 2015 in Washington, DC, with support coming from ADIR LC, Art Sorority for Girls, UVF Rays.

There will be a new release from Baby Bry Bry next year in the form an EP via Cricket Cemetery Records.

‘The Way Things Was’ is out now and available digitally and as a limited edition cassette on Cricket Cemetery Records.

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