Eve Selis

What did you dream about last night?

“I can’t remember! I just really don’t remember if I had any dreams or not. If I did, it was probably that I wouldn’t wake up in time to receive this phone call.”

Top 5 albums?

“Jeff Buckley ‘Grace’; Lori McKenna ‘Bitter Town’; Emmylou Harris ‘Wrecking Ball’; U2 ‘Joshua Tree’ and Eva Cassidy ‘Songbird’.”

Favourite food and drink?

“Favourite drink is the cider in the UK – I love the cider in the UK! I have fallen in love with Kiawah salad recently. I do love Indian food and I think I fell in love with Indian food when I was in England as there are so many wonderful Indian restaurants in the UK. But right now, the food that I crave is Kiawah salad.”

Current favourite band?

“Emeli Sandé and the song called ‘Wonder’. I like songs that make me feel happy and have a positive message.”

Any book(s) that you are currently reading?

“Alison Weir ‘Mary Boleyn: The Mistress of Kings’”

Eve Selis

Do you have a favourite Eve Selis song(s)?

“I love to sing ‘Bump in the Road’ as it’s a song that makes me very happy. Another song I love is ‘Pocket Full of Stones’. Both of these songs put me in this place as the circumstances of these songs come flooding over me and I just love it!”

If you could have a conversation with someone famous alive or dead, who would it be and why?

“I would choose Mother Teresa because of the amazing life she had, and I would like to be in the same room as her. I don’t even think that I would want to have a conversation with her but to just be in the same room with her and feel that kind of peace in the hope that it rubs off.”

What do you think you would be doing now, if not a singer-songwriter?

“I would be a teacher at kindergarten level as I have this affinity for kids. Some of our favourite concerts are outdoor festival concerts where families can come, as we do a lot of summer concerts here in San Diego when we’re home. People come and bring picnics and the kids are there and you can see that they’re enjoying themselves dancing and laughing.”

Final word or phrase of the day?

“Love is all you need! John Lennon got it right, but it was John and Paul that did that one, right? ‘Love Is All You Need’ – but it’s true as it all comes down to love as we all want to be loved. So more love.”




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