The Caezars

A true gang of four in more ways than one, The Caezars deserve to be massive with their fast and furious rock ‘n’ roll.

Deservedly gaining first spot for inclusion in our Fame at Last category not only for making FLW smile broadly due to such delights as ‘She Said’, ‘Heartache Overload’ and ‘I Can’t Be Alone’ but for the ensuing banter that followed rendering all preparation pointless as FLW decided to leave the band to their own devices.

What is a good song to play before a night out?

“‘Bop-A-Lena’ by Ronnie Self or ‘Sadie’s Back in Town’ by Sonny Burgess,” says AJ.

Most memorable and least memorable live performances?

“Southampton would be the least favourite probably, and one of the Vegas shows at The Hard Rock Hotel would be the most memorable,” confirms lead vocalist AJ Denning.

“I remember we played in a bowling alley once, and that wasn’t very memorable. So that would be my least memorable – the bowling alley,” comments Mikey Harling.

Is there a ‘Caezars Top Five Albums list?

“I don’t collect albums because we live in a world of 50s and 60s music. What about 45s?” asks AJ.

“How long have you got?!” shouts out bassist Steve Neller whilst offloading that band’s gear (The Caezars are performing at The Blues Kitchen in Camden this evening).

“We like listening to the Black Keys latest album, and The Hives ‘Your New Favourite Band’ or something a little bit before that,” adds lead guitarist Danny O. Dawkins before departing to try and organise some food for the troops.

“The Red Hot Chili Peppers, ‘By The Way’,” says Steve.

“Only one out of four is saying that by the way!” shouts out AJ.

“I second Steve on that, so two out of four!” adds Mikey.

“Alright, I will make Danny sound like the idiot and say three out of the four!” smirks AJ.

“ACDC’s ‘Greatest Hits’,” puffs out Steve after offloading more equipment from the band’s van parked outside.

“No, no, no!” scream AJ and Mikey in unison.

“We have got to go for a Chuck Berry album. Dead Orchids did a really good one as well, and any Elvis one really. I believe that Chuck Berry is bringing out six new songs at the age of 86…Is he 86?!”

Carl Perkins or Johnny Burnette?

“Ooh, I don’t know…Johnny Burnette’s ballads and Carl Perkins’ country rockabilly would do it for me,” enthuses AJ.

“Johnny Burnette,” says Mikey without any hesitation.

“Who was that?” quips Steve. “Johnny Burnette.”

“Danny would go for Johnny Burnette as well, partly because his girlfriend doesn’t like Carl Perkins!”

The Caezars

Do you have a favourite drink?

“Tyskie,” says AJ.

“Tyskie!” comes the surprised reaction from Steve.

“Yeah, Polish lager,” confirms AJ looking somewhat bewildered by Steve’s reaction.

“Cheap and cheerful!” laughs Steve.

“There was a cocktail I had in Russia called Old Boys. I don’t know what was in it but it was red and there were chillies and cinnamon powder on top and it was gorgeous!” smiles Mikey reminiscing about a new found favourite tipple.

“Danny’s is Ribena,” says AJ looking over his shoulder to see if

“Snakebite,” answers Steve without any hint of irony.

“Are you fifteen?!” barks AJ.

“I like to feel like I’m fifteen!” smiles Steve.

If The Caezars could have one thing right now, what would it be and why?

“I would have a cheesecake because I think any time is good for a cheesecake. It looks particularly decadent as well,” answers AJ.

“Cheese and ham toastie,” comes the reply from a very hungry looking Mikey.

“A beer,” comes the appropriate reply from Steve after lugging nearly all of the band’s gear for the past ten minutes.

If you could have a conversation with someone famous alive or dead, who would it be?

“Hank Williams – I don’t know what I’d ask him, I would probably just cry!” says AJ.

“Link Wray because I base everything I play on him,” comments Danny who has just entered the backstage stairwell where we are all presently perched.

“Travis Barker,” says Mikey.

“What ‘All the small things’!” comes the reply from AJ who looks like he doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Yeah, because I base my answer on his songs. He is one of the most amazing drummers of my lifetime,” says a slightly disgruntled Mikey.

“That’s why he likes Blink 182!” mischievously adds Steve.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t mind talking to him and having a drink,” reconfirms Mikey.

“Flea, Red Hot Chilli Peppers,” says Steve.

“I like it how I get a ‘WHAT!’ due to mentioning Travis Barker,” protests Mikey.

“Yeah, but we all know that he [Steve] is a bit weird,” jokes AJ.

“But we know that you like Blink 182,” goads Steve even further.

“I DON’T LIKE BLINK 182! I like Travis Barker,” hollers Mikey.

“That is the same reason as liking Blink 182,” finishes Steve laughing.

Do The Caezars have any current favourite bands that you are listening to?

“Black Keys and The Hives,” jumps in Danny.

“Pokey LaFarge is a good one as well from America. He is absolutely superb!” enthuses AJ.

“I would agree with Black Keys, The Hives, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Artic Monkeys. The Rolling Stones are now recording again!” deadpans Mikey with everyone laughing.

“It’s all kind of the same I suppose,” says Steve rather nonchalantly.

“It’s all kind of the same!” snaps a bewildered AJ.

“But you picked my favourite bands!” protests Steve.

What makes you happy and/or sad?

“What in general? That’s an open question! Can you put it into a particular context?” asks Danny.

The Caezars

“You’re at home and something happens that makes you angry” elaborates Mikey.

“Playing records makes me happy, and not having a record player makes me sad” answers Danny.

“What if it’s a sad record?” ponders Steve.

“I don’t really get that sad when hearing a melancholic record” replies Danny.

“What if it’s a record about a dog losing its owner? Would that make you sad?” asks Steve with a knowing smile.

“No, that would make him laugh as he’s cruel like that,” Mikey

“Is he?” asks AJ surprisingly.

“Yeah, I’ve just decided right now!” smirks Mikey

“I do get moved by a bunch of lyrics, but I don’t listen to sad songs that often,” continues Danny

“Again, I can’t say the first thing that pops into my head!” adds Steve with everyone laughing.

“Haribo? That’s a good one, as we all know that makes you happy” teases AJ.

“That and sleep,” says Mikey.

“But if you get your sleep pattern wrong Steve that makes you grumpy. So you could actually answer sleep for both because it makes you both happy and sad,” says AJ with a wide grin.

“Yeah, because if I sleep too much I get grumpy as it puts my equilibrium out” claims Steve sounding rather like Carl Pilkington.

“What makes me happy?” quizzes Mikey.

“Brendon Rodgers getting the sack?” offers AJ.

“That would make me very happy! What makes me happy is lots of food. What makes me sad is when Louis Suarez scores a goal and it is disallowed for offside against Everton” finally answers Mikey.

“Just Suarez makes me sad” adds AJ.

Great player but cut out the diving.

“And the moaning!” grumbles AJ.

Final word or phrase of the day?

“Hail Caezars!” they finish in unison.

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