FLW Review of the Rockabilly Rave

17th Rockabilly Rave Review

FLW has published its review of the 17th Rockabilly Rave today. Head to our One Cup of Coffee section to read the review of what turned out to be an epic and seriously thrilling ride of rockabilly music. A big thank you to Jerry Chatabox for providing FLW with the opportunity of reviewing all the music festivities during this year’s Rave.

Highlights at the Rockabilly Rave included terrific performances from French band Ghost Highway, The Wolftones, The Lonesome Drifters and The Slingshots to name but a few. In addition to the review, FLW managed to conduct a few interviews with some of the artists performing at the Rockabilly Rave. Please keep coming back to our pages as there will be more information about these interviews soon.  Looking forward to next year already!

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